The cycleway Treviso Ostiglia

Cycling through the heart of Veneto

Rivers and streams, fields of corn, asparagus and radicchio, country churches, nature reserves, and Veneto villas — a whole series of wonderful sights, one after another along a cycle path that offers refreshment points, rest areas, bike rental points and tourist services.

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70 km of cycle path

It runs east-west along a disused railway and has the advantage of being a long level route through woodland, tarmacked for the most part, with just a section of about 15 km in the province of Treviso on a dirt surface with stabilised gravel. Another lovely characteristic of this route is the succession of old railway stations, tollhouses and typical “case cantoniere”, the houses that the railway maintenance workers used to live in. Most of these have been renovated and many are now private homes, while others have been turned into facilities for cycling tourists.

The now disused railway was built in stages between 1921 and 1941. It was about 116 km long and connected the city of Ostiglia in the province of Mantua with Treviso and therefore also the two great rivers, the Po and the Piave. Used for both commercial and military purposes, the railway was so severely damaged during the Second World War that it was no longer serviceable. At the end of the war, some sections were permanently closed, while others in the provinces of Mantua, Verona and Vicenza were used for the transport of goods until the early eighties.

Work to restore the surface and turn it into a cycle path began in 2009 and the first stretches were inaugurated in 2013.

Today it is a perfectly restored, long green corridor that runs uninterrupted for about 70 km, from the city of Treviso to Montegalda in the province of Vicenza, through villages, country towns, and nature reserves, with facilities for cyclists at regular intervals.

One of Veneto’s major cycle tourism routes, officially signposted as I5 (Itinerary number 5), this cycle path meets up with other important paths in Veneto such as: the Sile cycle path (Treviso-Jesolo), the Sentiero degli Ezzelini (Asolo) and the Cammino di Sant’Antonio (Padua), the Brenta cycle path (Trento-Bassano del Grappa), the Bacchiglione cycle path (Padua-Euganean Hills-Vicenza), the Riviera Berica (Vicenza - Padua), the Tergola path (as far as the Riviera del Brenta), and it also an easy way to pick up the Dolomites-Venice path and the AIDA (Alta Italia da Attraversare), a major national path over 900 km in length.

It can be covered in a single ride or at a more relaxed pace, its many access points and branches allowing you to stop and visit the Veneto villas or other places of historical or natural interest.

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Informazioni tecniche

Type of terrain: 85% asphalt - 15 % gravel in excellent condition
Type of route: 90% dedicated cycle path - 10 % secondary roads
4 km di pista ciclabile

Difficulty level: easy

Distances: 70 km

Grade: 43m

Durata: 3h

Difference: 150m

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There is a cycleway in Italy that allows you to travel slowly in every season of the year. Come and discover the hidden treasures in the heart of the Veneto Region. Once it was a railway line: now it is a pleasant cycle path that winds its way for 70 km through the provinces of Vicenza, Padova and Treviso.

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