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The bridge over the River Ceresone at Pojana di Granfion is an original construction from the thirties known as a Bailey bridge. There are only a few kilometres to go before you will reach Grisignano di Zocco. In Barbano you will go past a former tollhouse that is open at weekends as a cycle tourism hub and Green Tour info point. From this point and until Montegalda, a bridle path runs alongside the cycle path.

In Montegalda the Treviso-Ostiglia path is interrupted, pending resumption of work, but we suggest you continue towards Vicenza along the Bacchiglione cycle path, but not before you have visited the Veneto Museum of Bells. Housed in Villa Fogazzaro-Colbachini, you can here admire the largest collection of bells in Europe from the year 1000 to the present day.

You will now come to the Riviera Berica cycle path, which will take you to Vicenza. Behind you, the Euganean Hills and to your left the Berici Hills, which will accompany you all the way to Vicenza, where you will be welcomed by two places: the Marian Shrine of Monte Berico and Villa La Rotonda by Palladio.

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