From Treviso to Badoere via Quinto di Treviso


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Treviso is a truly enchanting town: the clear water in its canals reflect old frescoed palazzos and its porticoed alleyways lead to the Piazza dei Signori, overlooked by Palazzo del Trecento. The wide open area called “Dogana” has a car park where you can leave your car if necessary. From here you can glimpse the cycle path and the first refreshment point you come to is in a former tollhouse: the Ristoro Ultimo Miglio.

Back on the saddle, you will soon come to Quinto di Treviso. Here the cycle path runs alongside the Sile, the longest river in Europe originating from natural springs, which is protected by the Regional Park of the same name. We suggest you make a stop here and take the opportunity to visit the Oasi Cervara. This environment is of considerable interest for its wildlife: its wood, dominated by black poplars, white willows and brambles, waters with submerged plants and reeds are home to many species of animal (hares, coypu, foxes, weasels and skunks) and various kinds of birds, including herons, egrets, kingfishers, mute swans, river nightingales and water rails). The visitor centre is housed in the old Cervara mill and the nature reserve is well known for its large number of stork nests. In the silence of these surroundings you will see them moving about quite freely and undisturbed.

Not far from the reserve is the church of Santa Cristina: if the door is open, we suggest a visit to admire the beautiful altarpiece by Lorenzo Lotto (1518).

Back on the cycle path you will come to Badoere di Morgano and a short diversion will bring you to a very unusual piazza made up of two semi-circular colonnades.

These two “barchesse” are all that remains of a villa that no longer exists and they have created a square called La Rotonda. Due to their different intended functions, the two wings are very different: the one to the west was used for commercial and artisan purposes and has elegant round arches, while the one to the east once provided accommodation for workers and is made up of 'rustic' houses and cottages. 

La Rotonda is the town’s main square and is home to the seventeenth-century church of Sant’Antonio and the town hall. Every first Sunday in the month an unusual antiques market is held here, called the 'Fiera dei Trovarobe' (Finders' Fair); another important event is the Handicrafts and Creativity Exhibition every third Sunday in spring and autumn.

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